A Glimpse Into Expectations

I recognize that I am afforded a measure of respect in this country that comes from riding on the coattails of my parents who are still remembered with warmth and affection in this country.  Everyone is assuming that the acorn does not fall far from the tree and I feel the weight of those expectations as I meet more and more people in the church who knew Dad as pastor, teacher, friend and co-worker or knew Mom as a friend, prayer warrior, and gentle nudge.

And there is the language.  Yes, I can speak Thai and my pronunciation of the language is excellent, due to my early years here, but my vocabulary is abysmal and, when those I meet plunge ahead into explanations of events or programs of the church, I can understand the general gist of the conversation, but miss most of the details because of the missing vocabulary.  I am looking forward to my language studies – not because I think I will enjoy them, but because I hope that, by the end of those studies, I will understand more of what is going on around me than I do at present.  I am at that very frustrating stage of knowing some, but not enough to be effective… or even to be able to respond intelligently. 

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