Water of Flowers

Evelyn Bryant with Nam Dok Mai Mango

Yesterday, I went to Central, a large upscale department store very similar to J C Penny. It has a TOPS grocery store in the basement that sells all kinds of fresh produce and a full range of other food supplies.  I bought some decaffeinated coffee for Mom and also picked up the mango pictured here (More thumbnails below). It is the beginning of mango season here and this is my favorite variety of mango, called in Thai “Nam Dok Mai” or “Water of Flowers.”  As you can see, it is huge! The fruit is deep yellow and very juicy.  Sliced up and paired with sweet sticky rice and coconut sauce, it makes a magnificent dessert.

Mangoes in Thailand are like snow to the Eskimos: There are so many different varieties that it is difficult to wrap your head around the universe of mangoes.  “Nam Dok Mai” is the king of the mangoes, however, and is the variety most often found in hotels and restaurants in Bangkok.  This particular one, which was sold by weight, weighed in at over one pound – more than half a kilogram.  It cost me the equivalent of $1.40. Now, I have also learned that I can get the Thai equivalent of the Dove bar – vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate topping on a stick – for the same price.  It’s a good thing that there are three meals in each day.  I would hate to have to choose!

The Mango on my Laptop

Side View of Same Mango

The Mango Ready to Eat


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