With Apologies to Texas

Bangkok Skyscraper and Rain Clouds

When we opened the curtains of our room this morning, we were greeted with this picture of the Bangkok Bank skyscraper surrounded on all sides by thick, heavy black rain clouds.  Within an hour, a cloudburst dumped buckets of rain on everything in sight.  We opened the glass of our window, keeping the screen closed, and just listened to it pour down – smelling the scent of rain and the wet earth.

We moved here from Stephenville, Texas, which has had very little rain this spring.  In fact, North Texas even made the news here in Bangkok today for the severity of the wildfires that are raging close to Graham – not that far from Stephenville. Very dry conditions and high winds have fueled the grass fires that have consumed thousands of acres of land. Posts on Facebook have asked for prayers for rain to ease the danger.  I found myself thinking of my friends in Texas and wishing I could send some of the rain their way.  I will keep praying for rain for Texas.

Bangkok Skyscraper at Sunset

At the close of the day today, I took another photograph of the same building – this time with the glow of the sunset behind it.  It is one of the many beautiful buildings that can be found in this city, whose architecture is a wonderful blend of ancient Siamese temples, traditional British colonial office buildings, haphazard storefronts that come with rapid growth, and stunning modern skyscrapers.  I promise I will post more photographs as I have time to find good shots of the unique and wonderful architecture in this city.

Meanwhile, I have learned that my long-term visa has been approved and that it will just take a quick trip out of the country to make it official. But no rush! I still have more than two months left on my current visa and there is a lot to do in the meantime.

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