The Kiss

The Kiss (as seen in Thailand)

We missed a few days of blogging because I had no Internet access, but I want to assure you that, yes, we saw it, too.  And probably at a better time of day than you. Coverage of the British royal wedding began at 2 PM on Friday afternoon and continued until 7 PM. We were invited to the Sa’adprai family home, where we sat in front of a large television set and watched the whole affair from beginning to end. Cable and satellite TV is available in Thailand with a plethora of channels to select.  We can hear the news from Bangkok, Singapore, China, BBC, CNN, etc. It is fascinating to hear the different perspectives that are presented on international news stories.

Mom watches HRH Maha Chakri Princess Sirindhorn's arrival at the Wedding

When watching the news from Thailand, things are highlighted that might not make the news in the USA. We missed the stories about the flooding of the Mississippi River, although the terrible death toll of the tornadoes in Alabama put that story on the news from every source. During coverage of the wedding, Thai news channels replayed the arrival of Thailand’s royal princess at the British royal wedding many, many times. Mom and I have not yet chosen our cable or satellite channels, but from what we have seen at various homes, we can get pretty much whatever is available in the USA, plus some international programs as well.

A with In on Horseback

The family that invited us to view the wedding at their home, the Sa’adprai family, is a family that has been a part of our family for many, many years. Mom befriended the mother, Sunee, when she was  working with lepers in South Thailand. They have called each other ‘Mother’ and ‘Daughter’ for decades. Sunee has three daughters who are about ten years younger than I am. The eldest daughter, Oi, has two children who are in high school now. The middle daughter, A, who is pictured here, has one daughter, In. The youngest daughter, O, is not married. So, Mom has three great-grandchildren in our Thai family. It is hilarious when we get together, for often their English is better than our Thai, so conversation is often carried on in “Tinglish” – or whatever you call something that is half Thai and half English. Even with all that talent, we still frequently misunderstand each other.  I can’t wait until I finish my Thai studies.  There is so much I still cannot express with my limited Thai vocabulary.

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