Work Can Be Fun!

101 Dalmatians

Last night, after the news, Nutda let me flip through the channels and we found a program we could both enjoy.  It was Walt Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” in Thai. Nutda loves cartoons and I love this movie.  For me, it was interesting to hear the dialog spoken in Thai.  I have to admit that Thai television has come a long way, both in terms of technology (which did not surprise me) and acting ability (which did).  I do remember watching – and this will date me – “Sugarfoot” reruns on Thai TV as a child, but, back then, there was no real effort to match the voice with the actor or actress performing the role on the screen. This time, I was delighted to find that the characters’ unique qualities were matched by the actors and actresses who read the Thai dialog. As you might guess, I could follow the general storyline, but there were still some pieces of dialog that I did not understand.  It was a great exercise for me and I enjoyed seeing the movie again. Afterward, Nutda and I talked about the need for more family-oriented movies that teach basic values through stories and how many of these values are shared in different cultures.


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