International Birthdays

Birthday Cake

Yes, I have completed another year and am so grateful that a day comes around each year to remind me that I have made it to another milestone in my life! After all, I have never been this old before and it is an adventure to see how many more of these milestones I can collect.  My sister, Carol, sent an email that commented on the fact that age does not seem to keep me from starting something new and different. I hope it will always be true, for I believe that the moment people begin to tell themselves that they are too old to do something, the aging process kicks in full-force. The birthday cake pictured on the left was created by the kitchen staff at the Bangkok Christian Guest House for the occasion. It is a coffee flavored cake that was large enough to divide into four pieces (no leftovers!) to be enjoyed by all the guests at the birthday party.

The Birthday Girl 2011

It was an international birthday party this year. Mom and I were in Bangkok to pick up some needed items for the house and to meet with Mike Fucella, the Director of the Office of Ecumenical Relations of the Church of Christ in Thailand, regarding the CVT Program before he and Jane head of on home leave in two weeks and I begin language study. Since Mike and Jane have known Mom for many years, it was natural to invite them to share our small dinner celebration. Mike and Jane are members of the Church of Scotland (our parent church).  They recommended a French restaurant, Indigo, that was slightly upscale (linen tablecloths and napkins), because we wanted something special. Oh, it was worth it! In fact, I told Mom that I would not mind having dinner at that restaurant once a year – which would be about all that we could afford.

Mike Fucella's Sense of Humor Shows

I had roast duck breast wrapped around a baked apple core with a strip of bacon wrapped around that, all sitting on a bed of scalloped potatoes with a delicious wine sauce of some sort. Mom had a sirloin steak that was grilled to perfection. Jane Fucella had a fish fillet and Mike Fucella had some extraordinary version of pot roast. Of course, these dishes all had wonderful, unpronounceable French names that rolled off the tongue of our Asian waiter. Before the main dish arrived, we feasted on warm French bread and butter.  All this, seated in a restaurant with large glass windows that opened to a patio filled with tropical plants and flowers.  Table conversations around us featured a variety of European and Asian languages. This evening had an international flavor.

Mom and Jane conspired to provide flower bracelets for everyone.  The tiny white flowers have an incredible fragrance. The beauty and the fragrance of the flowers added another special touch to an already special evening. My flowers were a little battered before we got back to the Guest House, but I took a photo of them anyway to share with you. Other thumbnail photos are of Mom and Jane with their special entres at the birthday party.

Birthday Flowers

Jane Fucella

Mom Enjoys Her Steak


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2 Responses to International Birthdays

  1. Jai-Yen says:

    We really enjoy your posts! Sending you Happy birthday wishes and chok dee!

  2. Helen says:

    I enjoyed celebrating your birthday vicariously. What a glorious year ahead I expect for you!

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