An Unexpected Challenge

The Sign in Front of McCormick Hospital

Studying the Thai language is not a physically demanding occupation.  Mentally demanding, yes.  But not physically demanding.  Since moving into our home here, I have been trying to determine the best way to fit some sort of physical activity into my day. After two surgeries on my left knee, I have been told to avoid high impact activities, but after two months of no physical activity at all (while we were living in hotels and guest houses), I really felt the need to do something.  Fortunately, the lane we live on makes a complete circle and the circumference of that circle is about a quarter of a mile. So, about two weeks ago, I began walking around that circle in the evening at dusk.  Within a short time, I was walking eight times around the circle in thirty minutes and it was a good workout. About a week later, I added thirty minutes in the morning as well. But to squeeze that in and still have time for a shower and breakfast before my class begins at 8 AM means rising with the sun.

The Emergency Room Staff at McCormick Hospital

It was only my fourth day of walking in the morning, when I was attacked by a dog. I have always loved dogs and have owned several.  I have never, ever, been attacked by one. The attack caught me off-guard and I was bitten in the leg. I did manage to escape without any other injuries and, returning home, I cleaned the wound and drove myself to McCormick Hospital, one of the hospitals established by early Presbyterian missionaries to Thailand.  The emergency room was not crowded at 6:30 AM and the staff, pictured here, took great care of me. They dressed my wound, gave me some antibiotics and some medication for pain, administered a tetanus shot, and started me on my series of injections for rabies, since I have no idea whose dog attacked me or how to find the dog again. The bad news is that I now have a reluctance to venture out alone without a stick in my hand to fend off any future attacks.  The good news is that my emergency room visit, my treatment that day, and all of my medication cost about $50.  My health insurance folks will be ecstatic!  All the time, God is good.

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1 Response to An Unexpected Challenge

  1. Donna Bowling says:

    I am glad you are okay! Maybe you should walk with a shotgun.:-) Shalom, friend. Praying here for you and your mom.

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