Noi Nah Evangelism

Two Ripe Custard Apples - One Whole and One I am in the Midst of Devouring

This is a Noi Nah, a sweet, delicious fruit that is one of my favorites. It is just coming into season here and I ate the first one of the season today.  In English, it is known as a Custard Apple. Why? I don’t know, except that it is roughly the size of an apple and the fruit tastes vaguely like some sort of custard, I guess.  The only way to enjoy this fruit, is to put a whole spoonful of fruit in your mouth and then work to release the fruit from the seeds, spitting the seeds out. While it does not look or taste anything like watermelon, it easily has as many seeds. But it is much more difficult to get the fruit away from the seeds of a Noi Nah than a watermelon, as each seed of the Noi Nah is wrapped in a little pouch of fruit.  And, as you are working with this mouthful of fruit and seeds, it is often difficult to predict which seed will slip out, leaving a wonderful taste of fruit behind.  For me, as a mission worker, this is what evangelism is all about: gathering a whole group of people in, sharing God’s love freely, and waiting to see how God works in their lives to separate the seeds from the delicious fruit.  It takes a little work but, oh, it is worth the effort!


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One Response to Noi Nah Evangelism

  1. evelyn gant says:

    Do you and others always wear dresses? You and your mother look great and happy to have so many family members there, and especially a new baby. I loved the flowers and think the containers especially attractive, I would like to have one of them. Thanks for the Tales and the photos and the work you are doing. If I were younger, I would volunteer. love,Evelyn

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