Too Close for Comfort

The Ping River Nearly Reaches the Top of the River Wall and Spectators Who Came to Watch the River Rise

Thailand has never had a direct hit by a named storm in the Western North Pacific.  We tend to get the remnants of typhoons that play out over China, Vietnam or elsewhere.  This past week, we have enjoyed an abundance of rain from Nock-ten, a recent named storm in the Western North Pacific.  Names for typhoons in the Western North Pacific come from five lists of twenty-eight names contributed by fourteen different countries. We are currently in the fifth list of fourteen names and Laos contributed the name Nock-ten. Over the last forty-eight hours, we have had nonstop rain – some heavy, some light, but mostly steady, solid rain.  In northeast Thailand, that was enough to flood rivers, rice fields, and any nearby cities and villages yesterday.  In Chiangmai, we were put on notice that the river that flows through the city might overflow its banks and to be prepared.  Mom and I live about half a kilometer from the river in a part of the town that is notorious for flooding. Today, we saw platoons of army personnel erecting barriers and filling sand bags at various places along the river bank. When I went past the river, I shot this photo through the windshield of the car.  It was scary. The river was higher than I have ever seen it – flowing swiftly and carrying lot of debris.  According to the news, it was measured at 4.07 meters above normal.  At 4.20 meters, it would overflow its banks in the city. We waited anxiously. Then, late this afternoon, we received word that it would not rise any higher and would begin to come down. That’s enough excitement for one day! Now, we anxiously wait to see what Super Typhoon Muifa  [name contributed by Macau] will send our way.


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