Almost Heaven

A Beach in Thailand

This may not be everyone’s idea of heaven, but it is mine.  An untouched beach of sparkling white sand, a sea as smooth as glass and crystal-clear, temperatures in the low 80’s with a gentle ocean breeze, a blue sky with wispy white clouds that constantly change patterns, and time to enjoy all of it with a few close friends.  Yes, there are still some beaches in Thailand that have not yet been discovered by real estate developers! I had the opportunity to visit this beach with Mom, Kathryn McDaniel and Kru Yindi, a Thai teacher (now retired) who has been a family friend for years.  Kru Yindi took us to this beach – which is not easy to find – and we spent a lovely morning walking on the beach, picking up shells, tasting delicious seafood and just soaking up the spectacular scenery.

A Thai Fishing Boat

This particular beach still has Thai families living on the shore who make their living fishing in the ocean. Generally, the fishing boats go out at night and return in the morning, although I did see one fisherman who was checking his nets in the middle of the day. In the village that we drove through to reach this beach, the fish market was between the road and the ocean, which was just a stone’s throw away.  I don’t think you can get seafood fresher than that!

Mom and Kathryn Walking on the Beach

Mom has always wanted to return to the south to see friends and co-workers in Christian ministry from the years that she and Dad lived in the south. I wasn’t sure she would be able to make this trip, but in the end, she and Kathryn flew down ahead of me (I still had Thai lessons to complete.) and she connected with many people she has kept in touch with for years. At the end of a busy week, this day at the beach was a special treat that we will not soon forget.  It was blessing just to enjoy God’s great creation far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Kru Yindi Shares a Song of the Sea

After walking a fair distance up and down the beach, we sat on the shore and looked at the constantly changing sea. As we sat, we talked about some of the people Mom and Kathryn visited before I arrived and we shared some stories of days gone by. We also talked about the schools that I came to visit. Kru Yindi taught at one of the schools I visited for her entire career as a teacher and she stills lives on the campus, even though she is retired. A native of this area, Kru Yindi talked about her love of the ocean and how she has passed that love on to her students.  She sang a song about the sea and all the creatures in it, using hand gestures to tell the story.  It was the perfect ending of a wonderful visit to this special part of Thailand!

More photos:

The Picture-Perfect Beach Shot

Kru Yindi with Kathryn and Other Friends

Ajarn Surapong and Ajarn Siripit Take Us Out for a Seafood Dinner

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