A Special Place

Billy's Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Considering the fact that I have only been here for six months, I am delighted that there is already one place in this town that has found a regular niche in my life: Billy’s Restaurant. Billy’s is a small Italian eatery on a quiet street in the middle of the city. After Beth Roadarmel and I renewed our friendship (following a forty-year hiatus), we began enjoying dinner together once a week to explore new places to eat and spend time catching up on all those lost years. Early on, we tried a variety of different restaurants and then, one week, Beth introduced me to Billy’s.  She also introduced me to Pesto Pizza, which I had never eaten before. The next week, we were both too tired to think of a new place and Billy’s took the least amount of thought and effort. Since then, Billy’s has become our “hangout” on that Wednesday or Thursday evening when we share the evening meal.  Not only has the venue not changed in three months, but the menu hasn’t either.  We can now show up and just say “เหมือนเดิม” and we get “the usual.”

Billy and his Family inside Billy's Restaurant

Why Billy’s? It is a small place. Billy’s has about 10 tables for four to six people. The food is great! (At least, our bruschetta, Greek salad, and pesto pizza are to die for!) Billy is always on hand to greet us and make us feel great – even after a long, stressful day at work. Billy’s wife and son (pictured here) are usually there, too, and they make us feel like members of the family. There are no surprises and no expectations – two keys to really relaxing in a public place. We can take all the time we wish without any hassles or hovering wait staff. We are seldom there more than 90 minutes, but it is the greatest stress-reduction therapy I have found here.  This coming Saturday, Billy is doing a special dinner for Christmas (not pesto pizza) and fifteen of us will be there – seven of that number will be Bryants who will be here for Christmas!

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1 Response to A Special Place

  1. Karen Norlander says:

    Dear Sharon,
    I knew not how to reach you, but if this reaches you promptly, and if you are in touch with my sister, Susan, and her daughter, Raven, could you let them know that I will arrive at the Chiang Mai Airport at 7:35 on Wednesday, the 4th?
    I would be so very grateful.
    Thank you for your most excellent blog.
    Wishing you peace,

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