The Butcher’s Daughter… or Something Else Entirely?

A Match Made in Meat?

OK.  Sometimes, you see some really strange things in this country! I was wandering through the largest fresh market in Chiang Mai with my brother, Ken, when we walked past a butcher’s stall.  But on this occasion, the butcher was sitting off to the side and, in his place at the butcher block, was a beautiful woman in a Western wedding gown.  Standing by her side was a man dressed as a groom.  There was a professional photographer on site, so there was no opportunity to ask what the real story was.  Perhaps, it was the butcher’s daughter marrying the love of her life – and I say that because she was much more comfortable in this setting than he was. At one point, she even grabbed the cleaver and pointed it at him.  Perhaps, it was just a photo shoot for a magazine article on meat.  Who knows?  It was highly entertaining for those of us just walking by.

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1 Response to The Butcher’s Daughter… or Something Else Entirely?

  1. indiaphare says:

    How surreal! What a great thing to have witnessed

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