Honor Your Mother… Postscript

Honoring the Oldest in Our Family with Everyone on the Floor in Front of Mom, even Nellie!

I spoke of the ceremony to honor the elderly that is done by family members at Songkran, the Thai New Year.  The Songkran holiday was April 13-17 this year.  After all the fun of throwing water at everyone and all the work of cleaning the house (and helping to clean the Buddha images at the temples, for those who are Buddhist), Thai families usually reserve the final day of the Songkran holiday for paying respect to elderly members of the family.  The Sa’adprai-Inthapan family held to that tradition this year.  However, due to scheduling conflicts in the lives of busy people, we could not get together until tonight.  As the oldest member of the family present, Mom was the honoree (though, if there were other elderly present, they would have been honored as well). Ae explained that, in this ceremony to demonstrate honor and respect, those who come are acknowledging the importance of the elderly and asking forgiveness for any wrong they may have committed and asking for a blessing from the elderly. Since Mom was seated (and in Thailand, one demonstrates respect by putting oneself at a lower level), we all got down on the floor. (It was easier to do when I was younger!)  Then, we put our hands together and wai’d Mom, bowing our heads over our praying hands. She then said a prayer to bless us.  There were gifts for Mom, which included a floral bracelet made with Dok Mali. We shared some refreshments and then said “Goodbye for now.”  It was a wonderful, intimate time together as a family!


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2 Responses to Honor Your Mother… Postscript

  1. Patty Schaller says:

    Your mom is a gorgeous lady. Tell her she is a precious Child of God, too. For someone who gave so much in the foreign mission all her life, she is truly someone to give respect and honor. To God be the glory!!!

  2. Helen Hopson says:

    A little late seeing this… but I think it’s a fine tradition. Especially now that I am officially elderly. And I gladly bow to your mother in love and respect any time.

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