Stunning Flames

The Flame Tree ("Peacock's Tail") in our Soi

I know I did a post on Flame Trees last year, for they were in bloom when we arrived in Thailand and I was delighted.  OK.  Technically, they are not called Flame Trees.  Their Thai name is “Peacock’s Tail” – though I have never seen a peacock with a brilliant orange and flame tail.  These are my favorite trees – a vivid memory from my childhood.  For some reason, they choose the beginning of the hottest season of the year to burst into brilliant color and, because the canopy of these trees are so large, you can see the spectacular color of these trees from a long distance.  Once the blossoms disappear – which I hope they won’t do for many weeks – the leaves turn these trees into huge, spreading green umbrellas that provide wonderful shade from the tropical sun.

Just One Branch Up Close

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1 Response to Stunning Flames

  1. Sharon, I have to go to my sister’s home to log on to the internet and I always check out your Thailand Tales. I find them to be unique, interesting, delightful, and informative. It is a blessing to read of your progress and a joy to see pictures of your mother and sights of a beautiful country that I will never get a chance to visit. God has truly blessed you and I pray each day for you, your “mission”, and your Mom and “Nellie”, too. Please give your Mother a big hug and kiss for me! I am looking forward to seeing how our Heavenly Father will answer all the prayers that are being said for you and I look forward to reading your next “blog”. Love, Martha

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