Our God is Always Coming

MadonnaGod is always coming,

and we, like Adam, hear His footsteps.

God is always coming because He is life,

and life has the unbridled force of creation.

God comes because He is light,

and light may not remain hidden.

God comes because He is love, and love needs to give of itself.

God has always been coming; God is always coming.


This evening, as I gazed at the extraordinary desert sky,

I saw the heavenly body farthest from the earth

and still visible to the naked eye: the nebula of Andromeda.

It appeared as a pale, lentil-shaped light

between the geometric regularity of Cassiopeia

and the Pleiades’ incomparable diamond.

The light of the tiny lentil is not the light of today;

it is from a million years ago.


This evening, I saw backwards a million years, ten thousand centuries.

The pale light of the nebula, which reached my eye this evening,

 left there a million years ago at the speed of 187,000 miles per second.

 From that time, and doubtless from before then,

God had been coming to meet me.


From “The God Who Comes” by Carlo Carretto


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3 Responses to Our God is Always Coming

  1. Helen Hopson says:


  2. Donna Bowling says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. Keeping you in prayer, friend. Shalom! Donna

  3. Sharon, I enjoyed reading that so much. I look forward to the day when my Heavenly Father sends His Son to come for me. I can’t wait…..I AM SO READY!!!!! Sending you my love and best wishes for a beautiful and blessed 2013. Martha

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