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17A924BD-5B53-43AC-80B6-5C91C03B01B8So, there is a Post Script to the previous story.  It has been a month since the Thai Airways Catering  opened its doors to make something apparently delicious every morning.  Things are still going gangbusters!  The line now trails down the sidewalk on the other side of the block so as not to interfere with businesses that were previously having difficulty with the mass of humanity interested in the goodies being offered.

A5049AEB-6F86-4686-B8B4-6AE5A2D5BE4AAnd, there is more. Some individuals are no longer willing to stand in this long line and they have discovered that they can get these goodies delivered. So, now there are Grab Delivery and Panda Food motorcyclists who have parked their bikes and are also standing in line to buy for others and deliver them to home or to work for their convenience.  I have no idea how much they charge for standing in line and delivering the goods. On this particular morning, I counted 23 motorcycles parked on the curb (on both sides of the Tourist Information booth) waiting for their riders to return with the goodies. I walk by between 6 AM and 6:30 AM every day and that is  when I take my photos. By 9 AM, the business is done for the day and the cooks and salesclerks have cleared out and gone!

9D9D136D-C578-4BE1-B3DD-D3FE7E7A102AI am not the only one who is noticing how successful this business is!  At the end of the line, there was a local news crew capturing a human interest story for their daily broadcast.  It is amazing to watch this story unfold day by day.

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